The Mission of the Snack Pack Program, established in 2005, is to help meet the basic need for food of low-income elementary school children in Neenah.  This improved nutrition will enable students to be "ready to learn".

Education requires more than textbooks and teachers.  Unfortunately, many students from low income households are chronically hungry and undernourished.  Some of the negative effects from this troubling fact are difficulty concentrating, disruptive behavior, and increased stress.  All this takes a toll on student's academic performance.

In response to these issues, the Snack Pack Program provides weekly food distribution packs that go directly into the hands of the participating child. Each pack is nutritionally balanced with individually packaged, ready-to-eat food.

The response to the Snack Pack Program has been overwhelmingly positive.  Snack Pack is an entirely volunteer run, non-profit organization where nearly 100% of funds go directly into making a lasting effect on students education.

Please take some time to learn about the organization, the positive and lasting difference it is making on local students, and what you can do to help.  Then please consider making a quick and easy donation of a size of your own choosing by clicking on the donate button in the upper right corner of this site.  We thank you for your assistance in helping us build a brighter future for these children by helping them with what they need today.
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“One less worry for that child. Now that is truly making a difference.”
- Lisa V., Staff at Participating School

“Before this program existed, children would come to school hungry...Since this program has been in place this rarely happens.”
- Hoover Elementary School Staff Member

“It is a great model of nutrition for students to follow at home.”
- Kathy R, Hoover Elementary School

“It gives healthy snacks...I eat one after school and then burn it off when I play outside.”
- Grade 4 Participating Student