Snack Packs are carefully crafted to provide a convenient and nutritious supply of food to children who are often undernourished.  The chart below contains an approximate nutritional breakdown of a pack, as well as the recommended percentages for children as published in the 2005 Dietary Guidelines published jointly by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture.

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“One less worry for that child. Now that is truly making a difference.”
- Lisa V., Staff at Participating School

“Before this program existed, children would come to school hungry...Since this program has been in place this rarely happens.”
- Hoover Elementary School Staff Member

“It is a great model of nutrition for students to follow at home.”
- Kathy R, Hoover Elementary School

“It gives healthy snacks...I eat one after school and then burn it off when I play outside.”
- Grade 4 Participating Student