The Mission of the Snack Pack Program, established in 2005, is to help meet the basic need for food of low-income elementary school children in Neenah.  This improved nutrition will enable students to be "ready to learn".

Additional life situations which warrant participation in the program include homelessness, parent job loss, and other unique family circumstances.

Unlike other community food programs, the snack packs go directly into the hands of the child. The Snack Pack Program has had a significant positive effect on participating children’s attendance, academic achievement, behavior and/or nutrition.

The Snack Pack Program is run entirely by volunteers and community donations.  Please consider making a donation or volunteering your time. 

Make A Donation!
“One less worry for that child. Now that is truly making a difference.”
- Lisa V., Staff at Participating School

“Before this program existed, children would come to school hungry...Since this program has been in place this rarely happens.”
- Hoover Elementary School Staff Member

“It is a great model of nutrition for students to follow at home.”
- Kathy R, Hoover Elementary School

“It gives healthy snacks...I eat one after school and then burn it off when I play outside.”
- Grade 4 Participating Student